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2 PACK - Every Day Carry Emergency Escape Hammer Tool w/ Seat Belt Cutter

Référence: ECMN614
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A life saving tool that should be in every vehicle. Designed to shatter glass and features a seat belt cutting tool in the handle. Quick, safe and effective. Small enough to keep in the glove box or door pocket. Small enough to fit in a ladies purse. This heavy duty tool can save your or someone else is life. Our exclusive 2 Pack Deal allows you to keep one in the glove box or console of and add to your bug out kit, keep one in the RV or how about a perfect stocking stuffer for the coming holidays. Measures 5.5" long and 3.5" across the top. Hardened plastic handle and forged steel head. Weighs .40 lbs
Product Description
After an accident, seat belt releases, doors, or windows may become jammed or inaccessible. In this situation, the very devices designed to protect your life may threaten to endanger it. Be prepared for the unexpected - keep a EDC Emergency Escape Hammer in your car at all times.
*Only use the EDC Emergency Escape Hammer in an emergency escape situation.
The EDC Emergency Escape Hammer is designed for this purpose only.
The effectiveness of the blade is proven as a one-time use only.
The head can be reused many times, but should be inspected after every use.
When seconds count and you must escape from a sinking or burning vehicle HOW TO USE THE EDC Emergency Escape Hammer
LOCATE EDC Emergency Escape Hammer
Hold EDC Emergency Escape Hammer by the easy-grip handle, with the hammer head pointing up.
RELEASE the tightness of your seatbelt as much as possible, hook the seatbelt into the blade, and pull up/down, continuing to pull as the blade cuts through the belt.
Release other passengers, small children first, from their restraints.
SMASH a side window by swinging EDC Emergency Escape Hammer overhand, like a household hammer. One or two strikes should shatter the glass. Any of the two heads of the hammer can be used for this purpose.
SHEILD your eyes and face from the glass, and instruct others to do the same. Still using EDC Emergency Escape Hammer, scrape the remaining glass from the window edges.

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