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60X ZOOM Camera Micro Microscope Lens 2 Night LED 1 UV Light For iPhone 4 4s New

Référence: ECMN556
100% de nouvelles cellules, aucun surcoûts! garantie de 12 mois.
Looking for awesome iPhone 4G/4S accessories? This magnificent microscope
magnifies things to 60 times their original size, giving you an in depth look
at leaves, freckles, insects and hallmarks on your jewellery. The iPhone 4G/4S
Microscope Lens features an angles light and fit over you iPhone camera lens
using the adaptor provided
The Mini Microscope for iPhone 4G/4S is a lens adapter for your phone that
magnifies 60x!
Includes a special LED light designed for hallmark verification and a regular
LED light
Weight: 42g ( with package)
Size: 3.7*3.5*1.5cm (L*W*H)
Blue LED ( x1) and Birght LEDs for different objects. LED with On/Off Switch
Plug and Play, nothing to install
Light weight and easy to carry
Accessory ONLY, iphone not included.
Package include:
1 x Mini Microscope For iphone 4G/4S
1 x Pouch
1 x iPhone 4G/4S Adapter Cover
3 x LR1130 batteries (included)

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