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CN-70 70-LED Camera Video Light DV Lamp Light Diffusers


Référence: ECMN554
100% de nouvelles cellules, aucun surcoûts! garantie de 12 mois.
* Applicable for Camera Video Camcorder DV of all brands.
* Used for video taking, either for lights setup or supplement.
* Helps ensure your pictures is perfect settings.
* Made by high quality flash module, hot shoe lamp holder.
* Can install on the DV or DC with a standard hot shoe.
* Attach with 4 pieces of diffusers all around the light.
* Offers safety cold surface light.
* With one white filter to soften the light (diffuse effect).
* With one warm filter to reduce the color temperature.
* Rechargeable Li battery with AC Power Adapter.
* LED indicators.

* LED quantity: 70 pieces
* Maximum power: 4.2 watt
* Color temperature: 5400K
* Luminous flux: 270 lm
* Power source: DC 5V
* USB adaptor input: 110-250VAC, 0.1A, 50/60Hz
* USB adaptor output: 5V, 500mA
* Item size: 145 * 126 * 62mm
* Item weight: 311g
* Package size: 153 * 135 * 78mm
* Package weight: 246g


1 * LED Video Light
1 * Soft Filter
1 * Warm Filter
1 * USB Adaptor (EU)
1 * USB Cable

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